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So life's been a bit crazy. I've been working more hours at work, which is good, although it's been super stressful lately. That's because the other guy who does the same thing as me has been in Spain for the last month, so I've had to do all the work, plus trying to help out the Genius' because they can't seem to get fully staffed to save their lives. Just when it looked like we were about to catch up, one of them decided to retire. Actually that's probably going to be good for me. I might get his job. I interviewed for it today, and I think there's only one other person up for the job (the guy who was in Spain). So that's pretty good odds. Actually, they are considering me for another position as well, which would also end up being a promotion, but not as fun a job. So if I don't get the Genius job I'm guaranteed to get that one.

Other than that, I've been trying to keep up with my one class. It's been hard to focus since the whole debacle with the school canceling my financial aid. The good news is that they no longer say I owe them $7000 only $800, which is a very good thing.

I've also been busy in theatre. I'm playing Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. It's been fun but I'll be glad when it's over because I'm so worn out with everything else that's been going on. On the other hand, tonight the guy from work I like came to the show. I didn't get to talk to him afterwords, but I figure he'll say something to me next time I see him. I know he's in a Shakespeare class, and I think he had to write a paper on a play he sees or something. Maybe I can slyly offer to talk to him about the play over coffee or something. Of course knowing me I'll become completely incoherent around him. In fact I stumbled over a couple lines tonight, and I can't help but wonder if it wasn't because he was right there in the front row.

Oh, and I've finally gotten around to listening to the Dresden Files. The best part is that I've never been one to sleep in, even if I've wanted to. So on my days off I've taken to playing them right after I've gotten up but before I've gotten out of bed. What can I say, I like lying in bed listening to James ;)

That's all in my busy life for now. I'm hoping that sometime after this weekend, I'll find the time to start writing again.
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So I know I've been mostly away from LJ for a while. I have a feeling that may continue for a bit longer. I'm acting in a play again which is good, but also exhausting. Partly because my mom is the director, but she keeps having health problems, and I have to keep taking over the show for her. I don't mind, but it's definitely wearing me out. My mom's health is actually pretty good, but the doctors are gong all House on her. She's had a heart murmur all of her life, and they've just now gotten the technology to figure out what's causing it. She either has a hole in her heart or an extra valve. Either way it's not critical, or they would have already had her in for surgery, but it's always wearing to have someone in and out of the hospital.

I should have another chapter of Guardian out soon, but I'm not sure what I'll have after that. I meant to be writing at the moment, but I can't seem to focus at the moment. I also have to catch up on a lot of comments I know, but that probably won't happen right away.
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So first the fun stuff. I'm pretty sure that this Sunday will be the episode of Reno 911 that I was in. After all it's the season finale. I'm guessing, if I show up I'm guessing it'll be at the end of the episode, and I'll be the last/shortest person with a rifle.

Also, tomorrow I'm going to Magic Mountain. My best friend out here is being forced to go with her sister and her sister's husband, and she needed emotional support. So off I go. It should be fun, I haven't been to an amusement park in years, and my friend and I have the same love of being goofy and just enjoying our selves so it should be good.

The not so fun stuff is that I am depressed, I've kind of had to admit that to myself even though I don't want it to be true. It's odd because it's not the soul crushing darkness I remember from the last time I was depressed (which thankfully was about five years ago) but I'm much less functional than I've ever been before. It really is almost impossible for me to get out of bed in the morning. I think it'll get better once I get to Colorado. I really want to be looking for a job now, but there's not much point with me moving in a couple weeks. And I'm moving back to a college town in the summer, so there will be lots of jobs available and my parents say things are actually kind of booming back home. So I think it'll be pretty easy to find one once I get there.

ETA: Well one good thing happened. I found out the open house my landlord is hosting to try and get my apartment rented as quickly as possible is Sunday, not Saturday. Yay! I can put off cleaning till Saturday now.
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So Reno 911 was a lot of fun yesterday. Mostly because we were in and out in two hours, which was fabulous because we get paid for eight hours. Which means I basically made a hundred dollars an hour yesterday. Too bad I can't do that more often. I didn't look as sharp as I wanted to though. I knew the rifles we actually used would be heavier than the ones we practiced with, that wasn't a problem, but they stocks where very polished wood, a bit thicker than what we'd practiced with, and we were wearing white gloves so it always felt like the rifle was going to slip out of my hands.

Unfortunately I'm not doing so great in my first graduate class. Part of the problem is that I don't care about the class at all. I didn't really want to go for a Masters in Network Administration, I just want to learn enough to get my cisco certification, but the only way I could get financial aid was to enter the Master's program. So my first class is a technical writing class, and I am so bored. Also the assignments are always phrased, "Take an example from your work and. . . " except I dont' work in IT right now (and I never have), so I have no examples, and have to do more work to research stuff so I make up a pretend work environment. And for tomorrow I have to write an outline for my final paper. I hate outlines. I understand why they are useful for a lot of people, but I just don't think that way. All right, I'm done bitching now.
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I know I'm spamming today, this may become regular weekend behavior now that I have weekends again. I just don't know what to do with myself.

Anyway, I talked to my parents about moving back to Colorado, and basically committed myself to doing it. (Which is a good thing) Almost as soon as I got off the phone, my phone rang again. It was a call from this agency I'm with for former military members who are also actors. Anyway they wanted to know if I could work on the set of Reno 911 on Monday. So I'm going to be doing that, which should be a lot of fun. We'll be doing rifle drills of some sort, which I haven't done in years, but luckily the agency is doing a rehearsal tomorrow so that we can all brush up. And that should be fun too.
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So I went to an agent showcase tonight. Basically it was a chance to audition for three different commercial agencies. The audition went really well. I was a little nervous, but not that much. I actually kind of attribute that to the convention. Unlike when I was in Houston, I actually managed to speak to James this time and look him in the eye and everything. I figured if I can do that, why be nervous in front of three agents? After all, only one of them has to like me.

And at least one of them did. I *just* got a call from one of them asking me to come in tomorrow for an interview. Actually at the very end of the showcase, after the agents had left, the guy who was running it said this might happen, that that particular agent likes to call people the same night and schedule them for interviews the next day. If you can't make it, he views at as if you missed an audition.

And this is where my head starts hitting the desk. I never thought they'd get back to us so quickly, so I'd already scheduled work for tomorrow. I explained it to the agent when he called me, and maybe he really liked me because he said I could call him next week to reschedule. So it's not too bad.

The only problem is, I'm starting to realize that being an extra isn't as good a job for an actor as I thought it was (ironic aye?) Even though I don't have to schedule myself more than a day in advance, once I've accepted a job I'm kind of locked into it. I think I need to start thinking creatively of jobs I can work at night, or jobs that have very flexible hours.
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My life's been so busy lately it's been. . . well, crazy. I hadn't even looked at LJ this week until I got an e-mail from [ profile] lawyergirl15 and i found out that my beloved RPG [ profile] wickedverse is going on hiatus because so many of the player's lives have gotten so busy recently. Under normal circumstances I'd be crushed by this, but the truth is, I'm so busy that I really don't have time for it either right now. Of course I don't think it's really sunk in yet. Probably because I'm running off of 3 hours of sleep.

In fact I was going to tell you how busy my life has been this week, but I have no idea what I was doing on Monday. Just that I was working, where? I don't know. I could go through my paper work and find out, but that's less dramatic.

Don't worry, since this is a really long, probably boring post, I've put in lots of nice cuts.

Tuesday I do remember. I was working as an audience member for Deal or No Deal, and it was a twelve hour day. Am I a super-sensitive feminist?  )

Details of how busy I've been )

But why Studio 60 may be a good thing )

So anyway, we got out last night at 1:00 am and like I said I had to be at work at 6:00 am this morning. So I got about three hours sleep. Of course it was a really easy breakfast shift and I should have been able to go to sleep by 10:30 but I had one big errand to do. Getting my car re-registered.

Car registration drama )

So after all that I've been too wound up to sleep despite my tiredness and I have class in about an hour. By the time that's done I should be very ready to sleep, and I've been too tired to find a job for tomorrow so at least I can sleep in.

I did however watch Bones Spoilers, just to be safe )

And that's it. I have no more. Phew
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Okay, it's a well known fact that no one wants to go to work Monday morning, but I'm really dreading it now. I obviously wasn't paying enough attention when I booked my job for tomorrow cause it's about fifty miles away. According to Google maps it'll take me 54 minutes to get there, but I always figure you have to double whatever time they give you (at least if you live in LA). To make matters worse, when I first checked my call time I assumed I was just part of the general group of extras who had an 8:30 call time, but I checked again today and listened to the whole message this time and there was my name at the very end of the message in a group of extras they'd singled out to get there at 7:30. That means I probably should leave my apartment about 5:30 tomorrow morning. Ouch.

Of course there's a slight chance this means I'll be more heavily featured since I was one of the people they singled out by name, on the other hand they could just be separating us out to spread out our check in times, although they usually only do an half hour difference when they do that.

Plus it's at an amusement park, and they mentioned they may have some of us on some of the rides. That could either be fun, or real hell if we have to do the same take over and over again. At the very least it'll probably take a lot of time if they have to keep resetting the rides.

Maybe I'll luck out though and it'll be a short day. They're having lots of kids on the set so maybe they try and finish quickly to get us out of there before the kids get tired and bored.
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Ahhhh. Okay, I just learned the hard way not to be too eager to get myself extra work. As I was going through the listings I found one for the show Jerico which sounds like a cool show, and the sort of thing I watch, so instead of waiting to see what else was booking for tomorrow I went ahead and called in and got booked. Sounds good right?

Well then I went back and checked the rest of the listings and guess what else was available for tomorrow? How I Met Your Mother. *head desk* head desk* *head desk*

Of course I could cancel the first one in the vain hope of getting the second one, but you're only allowed to cancel so many times before they'll stop hiring you, and it's really important to look reliable. I'm just going to have to live with having missed that chance. They've probably just started filming the season, so hopefully I'll get another chance, but man, I might have gotten to see Alison Hannigan.

*head desk* *head desk* *head desk*

ETA:I forgot to mention the worst part. One of the roles that was open had the possibility of being a recurring character. *head desk* *head desk*
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I'm so tired. I've been so busy the last three days, which actually has been great, but yeah, tiring.

So I spent Saturday night making Pina Colodas in pineapples. Yes, actual hollowed out pineapples. The guests at the parts I was working at loved them, but I have to say, making the same drink all night, not that exciting, especially when everything it pre mixed for you. All I was doing was blending and topping off with a bit of extra rum. Plus, pineapples don't make the best glasses.

Sunday I got what had to be the easiest job ever. I got paid to be part of the live audience for six episodes of Family Feud. It was fun although by the end my hands were sore from clapping so much. It was fun though, and like I said, easy money even if it was only minimum wage.

And yesterday was my first real bit of extra work. It was pretty exhausting, and at the end of the day one of actor wranglers (okay that's not her real title, but it's what she was doing) said that it was a hellish day, and she had done background work so she really appreciated what we'd put up with. Still overall I had a good time, although my feet were killing me by the end of the day and I did get a little sunburned.

Anyway, we were filming the season premiere of CSI:Las Vegas. So the most exciting part of all of this was that the scenes we were filming took place in a club where John Mayer was preforming, so we actually got to see him perform. Well, that would have been more exciting if I'd known who he was, but now I do, and it was really cool watching him perform. He was also really nice. It was very hot and stuff in the club, and at one point, while we were all waiting for them to move a camera, he left the stage and grabbed this big yellow tube that was attached to the portable air conditioner they'd set up for him and moved it up onto the stage so that it pointed at us.

Of course I doubt I'll be very visible when the episode airs. If anything, it'll probably just be the back of my head since I'm short so they kept putting me right in front of the stage, so that the musicians wouldn't be blocked in the shots.

Still all things considered it was fun, and early on in the day I was able to get a fair amount of writing done on my Palm Pilot. Also I made some money which is good. For non-union extra work you just make minimum wage, but it was a twelve and a half hour day so that means I made overtime, plus they had a smoke effect for the club and we get paid extra for being forced to breath in the smoke.

But I'm completely tired today.


Aug. 3rd, 2006 04:12 pm
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So today was the opposite of yesterday. Started out bad, but then turned good. I had the option of working a job this morning as an audience member for some TV show but I turned it down so that I could go to a job interview at a bar I'd really like to work at. I guess they already filled the position though (they had interviews yesterday too) because no one was there this morning.

But just now, through marathon use of my redial button, I booked my first bit of extra work ever. I'm going to be a club goer on an episode of CSI (Las Vegas I think but I'm not sure) don't know anything other than it'll be on monday yet, but I'm really excited. Of course it's very likely I won't even appear on camera, but hey, I'm still excited. It's just having the job booked that's great. And yeah, knowing that I look like I could be a trendy club goer is a nice boost to my ego. Ah the shallowness of LA is starting to work it's way into my bones :) On the other hand I was turned down for three other jobs before I managed to snag this one.

So now I get to spend the weekend fretting about whether I have enough trendy stuff in my wardrobe. And of course I still may be able to book a job for tomorrow. But YAY!


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