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So I've been really trying to get some fanfic written this weekend, and it just wasn't working. At least not until I set my current WIPs aside and started on this Buffy Season 8 plot bunny that's been hopping around my head. So I started writing and I came to a rather amusing technical problem. In the comics the slayers are living in this castle in Scotland and once or twice Buffy makes a reference to a moat as part of the castle's defenses. So here's the problem. I need one of the slayers to leave the castle in the middle of the night. Not a huge deal, I figure she's a slayer she can repel down the the side of the wall, so she doesn't have to lower the drawbridge and wake everyone up. Except then there's that damn moat. Not much point in having a moat if every supernatural creature (including slayers) can just jump over it. I think I'm ignoring the moat, but it does brining up the sorts of problems one runs into when you don't have to actually build the set. I mean a castle really? It's not all cool and defensive unless it's hard to get in and out of cause the drawbridge is up. And thus ends my architectural rant for the day.
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So I broke down the other day and picked up pretty much all the Buffy Season 8 . Not quite all, I didn't get Buffy number 4, and all though I'm mildly curious how the first story line finished, I fined that I don't really care about it all that much. However, I really loved No Future For You )

Then we get an in between issue, #9 Read more... )

And there there was issues 11-15 were the comic becomes fanfic. Read more... )
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So I finally went to the comic book store and picked up Angel: After the Fall, something I've been meaning to do since it came out. When I was there the guy at the store suggested they could put aside a copy for me every month and I told him no, I wanted to see if I actually liked it first because I'd been so disappointed by Buffy Season 8. He encouraged me to try it again from the point where Joss left and I may do that. I'm thinking of going back next week to pick up Spike: Shadow Puppets anyway, something else I never got around to buying.

Spoilers for Angel 1-3# )

So yeah, I'm excited about this series, I think it's going to go well, and maybe I'll even give Buffy a second chance, although I don't see how the two can fit together in any kind of cannon, and I like the Angel comics much better, so they have my vote for being cannon above Buffy Season 8.


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