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So it's over. I've been jittery and excited all day (if all my rare LJ posts haven't told you that). I love election day, and I couldn't wait to hear that Obama had won. But something funny happened as I watched him walk out on the stage to make his acceptance speech, I felt bitter. )

In the mean time, by the end of Obama's speech I was in tears. And I want more than anything for him to be the great president that so many people think he can be. Realistically too I realize that he may have opportunities to unite the country that Hillary wouldn't have had. I want him to succeed. I want him to be the President I hope he is. But when I looked on the faces of so many African-American's, I envied them their triumph, and the feeling that America has accepted them at last.
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So ever since my dad bought champagne two days ago to celebrate an Obama victory I've been terrified he would loose, because my parents always vote for the loser. And then the map started mimicking 2000 and 2004 and that really panicked me. But it's all good now. Obama won Ohio and I feel better. I love election night. And it so makes me want to post in LJ more (yeah how often do I say stuff like that and we know I always go back to lurking). But I'm so excited and I LOVE ELECTION NIGHT!
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Yay. Just got back from voting. Actually I was all prepared to post something using my iPhone in line. But the line wasn't that long. To be fair, I got there half an hour before the poll opened to line up. There were just two people ahead of me. I had a blast though. They were neat people to talk to. It's maybe a little worrying though that there weren't that many people in line, although according to the local paper, over 100,000 people in my county had voted early. I'm not sure what percent that is, but I think it's a lot. I just checked Wikkipedia, and the city (which is smaller than the county) has a population of about 91,000 so maybe I'm almost the only one who didn't vote early.

It was cool though, because I was the first to finish my ballot so I got to be the first person in my district to vote today. They had me verify that the box they kept the ballots in was empty, then I watched as they locked it up so no one could tamper with the ballots.

It was funny though. They had three paper voting stations and one electronic one. Almost no one wanted to vote electronic. And the paper ballot was long. We don't have any voting machines that punch your vote. It's more like the SATs where you fill in bubbles. Except in stead of small dots to fill in, it's these big squares you have to fill in completely, and it took a long a time. So all the people that were there after the first three of us, were just waiting for us to finish filling in the ballot. So it's good that most people voted early, otherwise the lines would have been several hours long.

Anyway, that's my voting story. Vote if you haven't, other wise you loose all your political bitching rights for the next four years ;)
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So I just got back from the Colorado caucus. It was awesome, even if it was something of a cluster-fuck. There were a probably two thousand people there (the school auditorium sat 900 and it was overflowing). I didn't get in in the first thousand so I missed the speeches in the auditorium, and just had to wait in the room for my district. And they only had about ten people doing the registering.

But anyway, a little over an hour late we actually got started and it was fun. I was the first person to speak up for Clinton, unfortunatly she only got 1 of the five delegates from my district. Still I got chosen as one of the people to go to the county convention, and I'm hoping to go on to the state and national convention (which will be in Denver so I could go easily). I'm excited.
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Sometimes the media is so dumb. I found this lovely exerpt from ABC news.

"Sen. Hillary Clinton has narrowly won the New Hampshire primary, becoming the first woman -- and the first-ever former first lady -- to win the first-in-the-nation contest."

Okay, so if she is the first woman to win isn't it a bit redundant to also say she's the first former first lady? I mean this may be a great election for women and minorities, but wouldn't a non-woman first lady have to be transgendered of some sort?

Okay, so this isn't the dumbest thing being said about Clinton right now, but it just seemed like a bit of bad writing to me.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 09:14 pm
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Yes, it's one of those days when for once I seem to have a lot to post.

Anyway. Obama won in Iowa. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand he's my least favorite of the Big 3, in fact he generally ranks at the bottom of all the democratic candidates for me, although it's hard to say exactly where. On the other hand it's way cool that in a conservative, mostly white, midwestern state 2/3rds of the people did not vote for the white male. The problem, I think John Edwards is the best of the candidates. Even more so after the speech he gave. In fact I've generally be torn between Edwards and Clinton, but whatever feminist loyalties I had to Clinton have been snapped by just how great I think Edwards would be for America.

I don't think he's going to win though, but the campaign isn't over yet. So who knows. At least we're in for a good race.
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So I remember very clearly the day the coup happened in Pakistan and General Musharraf took over the country. That probably sounds odd to most of you, but what can I say, I was in the Navy at the time, and it was part of my job and happening not too far away from where I was. I was also 21 and young and idealistic and I thought this was step in the right direction for the region. (Just to clarify, he only took over the country because the previous government tried to have him killed. Of course maybe they tried to have him killed because he was planning to take over the country, that I don't know.) General Musharraf promised that he was only taking over because he had no other choice and that within a year there would be democratic elections for a new government.

That was 6 years ago and he's still in charge. He wasn't the hero of democracy I naively believed him to be. Of course right around the end of that first year 9/11 happened and let's face it, in a lot of ways I'm sure that effected Pakistan more than it did us. After all there isn't a foreign army moving back and forth across our borders and constantly demanding our help looking for terrorists.

Still I'd lost faith. And then tonight General Musharraf was on The Daily Show. It's all just too weird. I don't get the world.


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