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Well, I wanted to start this post off by congratulating all the people on my flist who won at the Best of the Best Fang Fetish Awards. Unfortunately one of those people, [ profile] eurydice72 is in the hospital. Luckily it looks like she'll be okay. [ profile] pepperlandgirl14 has more information in her post here.

Of course I still want to congradulate everyone who won, which happens to include me :) I got this lovely comment from one of the Judges: "The world that Icemink has created in this story is brilliant. She has taken our normal slayer/vampire dynamic and changed it by having Buffy kidnapped at a young age. She is taken to the Center, a demon dimension where owning slaves is common place and fighting slaves in the gladiator games gives you power. This fic puts you in awe of the author's imagination with the alternate reality she has created and brings out many emotions as you go on a journey with a hardened Buffy finding a friend and more in a being she was meant to kill. I fell in love with this story right from the start and if you have never read it you are certainly missing out on a wonderful, original piece of fiction." and of course click for the pretties. )

And I should have a new chapter of Possession soon, probably sometime after the next chapter of The Guardian.

Oh, and as for the seemingly random subject line. . . My computer is having problems. It overheats, and in order to backup my files so I could take it in to be fixed, I put a couple cold beers on it to keep it cooled down so it wouldn't shut off in the middle of the backup. Not all technology solutions need to be high tech :)


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