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I stumbled onto all the FanLib stuff today, and spent a lot of time I should have been packing reading about it. And then a ridiculous plot bunny got into my head and wouldn't go away. So here's a bit of of sillyiness inspired by this manip by [ profile] apple_pi

Rating: PG
Summary: Set at the beginning of AtS 5. Wolfram & Hart falls prey to a bunch of fangirls when it is discovered they are representing FanLib.
Dislcaimer: All of the characters (excpet pink guy and blue guy) belong to Joss and ME and Fox. And no one, not even some group of men with a fancy website, is making any profit off of this.

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I know, yet another post from me today. But I told [ profile] lafemmedarla I'd make write her a drabble for her pretty Darla mood theme. So here it is.

Title: The Pretty Things are Going to Hell
Rating: PG
Paring: Spike/Darla (sort of)
Summary: Spike was sent to hell in "Hellbound" where he runs into Darla. She promises a way out as long as he does her a favor.
Disclaimer: They don't belong to me, but no one pays me to play with them so please don't sue me.

The Pretty Things are Going to Hell )
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Well, [ profile] good__evil had done it again. They are once more distracting me from my current WIPs. Okay this is only a minor distraction, but they are having a drabble challenge all this month, so you may see a couple drabbles from me, like this one:

Title: Good Old Boys
Author: icemink
Rating: G
Character: Lindsey
Word Count: 117

Lindsey dropped the letter into the mailbox, feeling a little sick as he did so. This would make Angel happy, which wasn't something Lindsey liked, but there was no way around it. Maybe if Lindsey was really lucky, Angel wouldn't survive the battle and he would never know.

But this wasn't about Angel. It was about Darla. She must have cared for the boy, she died for him after all.

It wasn't much, but it was all Lindsey could do. A letter to an old friend from law-school, which should ensure that Connor got the internship he was applying for. He just hoped it was the sort of thing that Darla would have wanted for her son.
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I forgot to post these in my journal. These were my entries into the last to rounds of [ profile] jos_las. For some reason they both ended up being about Angel.

The genre for the first one was dark and it's set during the episode "Angel"

Little Sisters )

And the genre for this one was PwP. I don't have a name for it but it's set right after the 50's flashback sequence in "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?"

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I've been meaning to post this for a while, although I'm a little embarassed by it. I wrote this for the first round of the most recent [ profile] joss_las. The catagory was simply romance, so it's a little cheesy. Doing romance in under 1000 words is difficult. But hey, I figured I'd post it anyway.

Title: Umbrella
Rating: G
Pairing: Darla/Lindsey
Discalimer: I own none of the characters and just play with them for fun.

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