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So remmeber when I said I might have puppy stories in the future. Where here is one I didn't expect to have. You see my parents have a two story house. They built the second story years ago to be a studio for rehersing plays and also to build sets in. Because of that there are these two french doors on the front that open off into nothing. There's a pully outside so that we can lift large set pieces in and out of the upstairs wihtout having to deal with the stairs themselves.

So anyway, we realized that we got too many flats (the fake walls for a play) so we opened up the doors to hand them down to someone so we could take them back to storage. No sooner did we open the doors than our dog York ran right for them. He stopped at the edge, and we started to call him, worried he might fall. He didn't, he jumped. First he jumped a couple of feet to the remander of the houses hold roof. Then he jumped all the way down to the ground, about eight feet or so. Freaked us out, but he's competely unharmed, and obviously thought it was a lot of fun. Why the dog jumped out of the second story windows? We have no idea. He wasn't trying to escape. He just hung out in the front yard until the guy who we were going to hand stuff down to shooed him back inside. He does like staring out of those doors at the traffic though, so maybe he's been planing that for the last three weeks ever since we brought him home.

Sadly, that wasn't my only run in with gravity today. Just a little bit ago in an amzing act of clumziness I managed to not only knock my laptop onto the floor, but to spill water on it too. I'm just praying that it comes through all right. Unfortunatly I don't have the right kind of screwdriver to open it up so it can dry out, and it's too late to go get one now. So guess what I'm doing first thing in the morning before work :( Luckily it was just plain water, so hopefully there's not any real damage. But man, I need it to be okay. There's no way I can afford a new one, and using my old one is driving me nuts (although thank god I kept my old computer, or I'd be in real trouble). This would of course happen the day before I'm supposed to start my next computer class. The hardest part is that it may be a while till I know for sure since I'll need to let it all dry out before I try plugging it into anything.

Puppy Love

Oct. 5th, 2007 10:48 am
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So a lot has been going on of late, the biggest thing being that we got a puppy. Okay, well technically my parents got one, but now that I live in the same state as them I can go play with him anytime I want so he's sort of my puppy too.

He's kind of hard to take a picture of, but once I wore him out, I managed to get this picture:

He's just a wonderful dog, and his name is York. Actually it's kind of like he was destined to be our dog. I went with my mom to the humane society to look at the dogs there, and sure they were all cute and friendly, but when York walked up to us and licked out hands through the kennel we just knew he was the right the dog.

We loved him so much right away that we got him even though we were worried about the fact that he was listed as a border collie mix. We were a little worried that he would be too active a dog, but it turns out he's not. In fact despite his coloring we're a little skeptical about how much border collie is in him. He only hyper when someone first comes home, or if you start paying attention to him and playing with him. The rest of the time he either lies around or he likes to watch the traffic from our upstairs windows. He hasn't tried to herd anything or anyone, and there's no retriever in him at all. When you try to play fetch with him, you're lucky if he even watches the ball for more than a second. He also much prefers to be indoors than outdoors, which is perfect for us.

Like I said, it was like he was meant to be our dog. It turns out that more people want to adopt dogs from the humane society than there are unwanted dogs in our town. So the humane society takes in dogs from other places. About the same time we got York, they got in 38 dogs that had been rescued from a puppy mill in Mississippi. And York isn't a local either. He was a stray picked up in Kansas. The shelter there kept him for a while, but they were so full that they were going to have to put him down. So some of the volunteers there got together some money, adopted him, and brought him here to Colorado and our humane society so that he wouldn't be put down. And then me and mom found him.

Even my dad likes him, and he didn't really want a dog. In fact it was my dad who named him. The second day we had him, both my parents took him on a walk, and during the walk he barked (he's only barked one other time when he was still in the pound). Anyway my dad says that what the dog said when he barked was York, so that became his name.

So that's my big me update for now, although there may be more puppy stories later.


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