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Title:The Fairest of Them All
Author: icemink
Characters/Pairings: mirror!Spock/Uhura
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: I'm going to go with strong themes of dominance, cause I never really know how to warn people about my fics.
Summary: Set during Mirror, Mirror. Spock discovers the mirror!Uhura in his quarters.

Lieutenant Uhura walks quickly through the corridors of the Enterprise on her way to the bridge. She makes a point to hold her head up, to stare down every crewman she passes. And it seems to work. None of them seem to suspect that she is terrified. All she has to do, she reminds herself, is get to the bridge. Distract Sulu so that the Captain and Mr. Scott can get them out of this nightmare world.

She’s almost there when she sees Commander Spock coming towards her. She’s grateful that this universes Spock has a goatee. It’s an easy and obvious reminder that this Spock is not to be trusted, that he is not her friend. And that’s a good thing because until today, Uhura has never imagined a scenario in which she couldn’t trust Spock completely.

She beats her chest in the required salute of this universe. Spock returns it and stops. “Lieutenant. It’s good I found you. I require your services.”

He begins to move the way she has come, clearly expecting her to follow him. She doesn’t dare refuse outright so she falls in beside him.

“I was on my way to the bridge, Sir,” she tells him hoping he will let her get about her duties.

“I assumed so,” he tells her. “However I require you to come with me.”

It’s a direct order, and in this universe disobeying will have much worse consequences than a reprimand. Besides she can’t arouse suspicion that she isn’t this universe’s Uhura. So she has no choice but to follow, even though she’s aware that every footstep takes her further and further from the bridge.

She can’t figure out where they are going. Not engineering, not sick bay, not the transporter room, not any of the places she would expect Spock to take her. It’s only at the last minute that she figures it out. He’s taking her to his quarters.

He keys in the code and steps aside to let her enter. She hates the idea of turning her back on him, and it surprises her how quickly she’s adjusted the violent madness of this universe. But she has no choice so she enters.

Nothing happens, except she notices that this Spock’s quarter are identical to the quarters of her Spock. The Spock who is her mentor and friend. She’s been in these quarters many times for a lesson on the Vulcan lute, or to receive a book he thought she might like to translate. But just because their quarters are the same, she reminds himself, does not mean the men are the same. She can’t trust this Spock.

“The Captain is behaving strangely,” he says blankly.

“I’m sure he just has some sort of angel that we don’t know about,” she tries to reassure him. She’s already heard a few other crewmen say that.

“You are no doubt correct,” Spock agrees. “However, Kirks plans can sometimes have. . . unfortunate consequences for others. It would be best if I could figure out his plans.”

“How can I help?” she asks. Maybe this is a good thing. If Spock wants her to spy on the Captain it could be to their advantage.

“You can help me clear my mind as you always do,” he tells her.

She barely has time to wonder what he means when he’s standing less than an inch away from her. She’s surprised when she feels his fingers on her waist. The uniform of this dimension was bare around the midriff, and she’s caught off guard by the feeling of his fingers on her flesh.

But that’s nothing compared to how startled she is when he kisses her. She gasps and his tongue fills her mouth. She recovers quickly and her body responds naturally to him. The truth is she’s dreamed about this. She’s wanted Spock for a long time, but she gave up flirting with him years ago. It was better to have him as a friend that to make him uncomfortable the way the other women on the Enterprise made him uncomfortable. That didn’t mean that she still didn’t wonder sometimes what it would be like to have more of him.

His hands move over her body and it’s perfectly clear where this is going. If she’s going to stop him, she needs to stop him now. But can she? If this is what this universes Uhura does, then he’ll know she’s the wrong Uhura and that wouldn’t just endanger her but the Captain, Scottie, and Bones as well. Not to mention Spock is much stronger than a human male. He’s already got a firm grip on her which mean that she has only the slimmest chances of being able to get away from him.

And the truth is she’s far to caught up in his kisses and sensual way his fingers stroke her skin to really plot an escape. It’s a horrible cosmic joke she thinks that some other Uhura who’s likely a murderer and god knows what else gets to have Spock and she doesn’t.

Finally he breaks off the kiss and she realizes that they are right next to his bed. He runs his thumb over the swollen lips. The gesture is tender, but his words aren’t. “Lie down,” he orders her.

She reacts without thinking. Obeying his orders by reflex because he’s too much like her Spock. She reclines on the bed and watches as he takes off his sash. He weighs it in his fingers as if he considering possible uses for it. And that’s when she realizes that now is her chance. There’s just enough distance between them that she could get away. Duck under his grasp and make it out the door. But if she does he’ll know something’s wrong.

He lets the sash drop, and she’s relieved. Then he pulls his tunic off over his head. She takes in a deep breath as her eyes run over his chest. He’s perfect, like she always new he would be. His frame may be slender but he’s well muscled and all thought of getting away vanish.

“Lieutenant,” he orders. “Take off your clothes.”

She tries to hide her trembling hands as she obeys. But he must see, she thinks, because his dark eyes are watching her so intently. The truth is she likes that gaze. Likes the way his eyes seem to drink her in. She’s always wanted this, for him to know she’s a woman, to want her. And she realizes that it’s been so long since she’s been with anyone, let anyone touch her. There were opportunities but she realizes now that some part of her was always hoping that Spock would notice.

She lets her top hit the floor, and then wiggles out of her skirt. She squeezes her thighs together involuntarily, aching to be touched. With nothing but her bra, panties and boots on, she waits for him to make the next mood.

“I meant all of it, Lieutenant,” he tells her. “Or do you wish to be punished?”

She shakes her head quickly. She’s not ready for whatever punishment might entail, especially as conflicted as she is. She’s torn between the thrill that goes up her spine when he orders her about, and feeling ashamed that she’s not only letting him treat her this way, but that she likes it.

She reaches down to undo her boots, but his voice stops her. “Those may stay,” he tells her.

She nods and reaches behind her back to unclasp her bra. She takes a deep breath to steady her hands as she brings them back around front and lets the straps fall from her shoulders. As her fingers descend to remove her last scrap of clothing, he doesn’t move. Only his eyes follow her hands as she studies her flesh. She tries to tell her self that he’s actually probably seen her, or at least the other her, naked many times. She can feel her cheeks burn, and she’s grateful the dark color of skin keeps the blush from giving her away.

“Now, Lieutenant,” he tells her. “You will touch yourself to make yourself ready.”

It’s all she can do to stifle a gasp. Spock is hardly the first man she’s been naked in front of. And she’s never been shy about touching herself when she’s alone, but this is quite different. Except she’s gone too far to back out now. Her fingers dip between her legs and she lets out a sigh as she realizes just how much she needs this little bit of release. The truth is she’s already wet for him.

His eyes continue to watch her, as he lifts one foot and the other onto the bed so that he can unfasten and remove his boots. Then his hands drop to his waist. She knows that she should continue to watch his face, that it will be his eyes that tell her if she is in danger, but she can’t help but watch his hands as they undo the fly of his pants and then his boxers to remove his cock.

She can still feel his eyes on her, but she couldn’t look away as his hand slowly strokes his cock. She groans as she watches him feeling her wetness spread over her fingers.

And then he’s on top of her.

His fingers wrap around her wrist and he forces the hand she was touching herself with to his lips so that he can taste her. Then he kisses, his weight pressing down on her as his hands roughly explore her. She can his cock rubbing between her legs, the head catching on her folds as he slides against her wetness. And then she feel his finger press against her clit in just the right way and her hips surge up off the mattress towards him.

He pulls away from the kiss, and holds her head so she is forced to look into his eyes. “Beg,” he orders her.

“Please,” she whimpers with need. “Fuck me,” she tells him.

Just like that he is pushing inside of her, stretching her, filling her. He moves with a rhythm she finds east to match. She can see on his face his control slipping away. The impassive mask broken by lust. And then she feels it. Emotions that aren’t hers seep from his fingers into her. Lust, passion, but also curiosity and worry. She doesn’t know what it means, and she can’t find the concentration to think about it.

There is only him. The movement of their bodies against each other until she can’t take it anymore and she’s screaming his name as the world explodes around her. It only takes a few more thrusts for him to follow her, although he doesn’t cry out.

He collapses on top of her for a few seconds before rolling to one side.

“Fascinating,” he says. “I had suspected that you had been exposed to something on the planets surface that altered your behavior.”

He knows she realizes in a panic. Without thinking she tries to get up from the bed, to escape. But she only manages to sit up when he grabs her from behind, one arm pinning her to his chest. She struggles but she can’t pull free.

“I had not expected to find that you are not my Nyota at all,” he continues as calmly as if she wasn’t try to fight her way free of him. “I suppose I should have known. I do not think anything could make Nyota so. . . submissive.” His voice turns harder. “Now then, tell me what you have done with my mate.”

“You don’t understand,” she tries to explain, desperation filling her voice. She’s terrified of what he’ll do it her.

He sighs as if her attempts to fight him are only a minor annoyance. He says nothing, only presses three fingers against her temple. Then he’s in her mind, forcing his way in. She tries to hide from him. To keep safe the secret of the Captain and the others, but she can’t. The more she tries to hide these thoughts from him, the easier they seem to be for him to find. She’s as helpless to stop his as she is to get away.

When he’s done rifling through her mind he throws her to the floor and stands up. “Put on your uniform, Lieutenant,” he orders her. “You are required on the bridge to distract Mr. Sulu.”

She shakes her head in confusion, still half dazed from the forceful mind meld. “I don’t understand.”

He sighs and looks at her with disappointment. “You are not quite an impostor, but you are also not a satisfactory replacement for my mate. I want her back, which means you must return to your universe. It is simplest to do this by facilitating this other Kirk’s plans.”

She nods dimly, wondering if she can really trust him, and realizing she has no other choice.


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