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Title:The Fairest of Them All
Author: icemink
Characters/Pairings: Spock/mirror!Uhura
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Set during Mirror, Mirror. Spock discovers the mirror!Uhura in his quarters.
A/N: So I've had a really crappy last couple of days, and it resulted in me needing to write and share some porn. This hasn't been betaed, and it really should have been, but like I said I just needed to post some smut.

Commander Spock walks quickly through the corridors of the Enterprise towards his quarters. Normally he would be off duty now, but under the circumstances there is no way he could leave the bridge for any longer than necessary. The Captain, Doctor, Mr. Scott and Lt. Uhura are missing. Or rather something had happened to them as they had beamed back up from a discussion with the inhabitants of Halkan, and now they weren’t themselves.

Or perhaps, as Spock had come to suspect they simply weren’t the right versions of his crew-mates. As improbable as it seemed, the evidence clearly suggested that the Captain and the others had through some strange transporter accident been swapped with versions of themselves from a barbaric alternate reality. All of the impostors but Lt. Uhura had been captured and put into the brig. Spock tries not to think about the sort of havoc this crueler version of Lt. Uhura could wreck on the Enterprise if she chooses to.

And so he hurries to his quarters. There is nothing in the ships data base to help them, but years ago out of curiosity he remembers that he picked up a theoretical book about alternate realities. That book was contained on a PADD in his quarters. He only hopes something there could help him bring back the Enterprise’s missing crewmen.

As soon as the doors to his quarters open he knows someone else is in his quarters. He can hear the notes of an ancient Vulcan song being played on his lute. It’s from Vulcan’s primal past and if he remembers correctly tells the story of a Vulcan male killing his rivals so he can take his choice of mate.

He quickly scans the room. The main area is empty and the music was coming from behind the screen that divided his bed from the main part of his quarters. Carefully he moves, preparing to defend himself if necessary. He is not prepared for what he sees.

Lt. Uhura sits on his bed playing the lute. She isn’t wearing her uniform, instead she has on a Vulcan robe that Spock prefers to wear when meditating. She hasn’t bothered to fasten the front and the robe hangs open. She doesn’t appear to be wearing anything else under it

“Lieutenant,” is all Spock can think to say.

“Commander,” she says innocently as she continues to play. As her hand moves up the strings of the instrument the robe comes a little looser, revealing one breast. Spock finds his attention illogically drawn to the sight.

“Lieutenant,” he begins again. “I will need to escort you to the brig.”

“But Commander, I haven’t done anything wrong,” she says in the same overly innocent voice.

“You have broken into my quarters,” he points out.

She only smiles and gently puts down the lute next to the bed. “It’s not breaking in if you told me the the code.” She rises gracefully from the bed and comes to stand less than an inch from him. “But if you think I need discipline. . .” She begins to caress one of his ears, gently teasing it with the edge of one of her nails.

Spock can’t help but gasp with surprise at the pleasurable sensation her touch illicit. He is not sure he had ever been quite this close to her. Even though their bodies aren’t quite touching, it is almost as if an electric current is passing between them.

“What I think-” he starts to say, but she uses her free hand to take his, hooking her two fingers around his. Normally Spock is in complete control of his telepathic abilities, and is able to touch another without reading any of their emotions. But she has distracted him, broken his concentration and as their fingers touch in the traditional Vulcan gesture of intimacy he feels a primal lust burst through to him from the connection.

It dazes him for several seconds and in that time she turns him around and pushes him back onto the bed before straddling his waist.

“We are mated?” he says in astonishment as his rational mind tries to sort through what he had felt from her. Even though that same rational mind tells him that whatever mating bond she had is to a different Spock, his body responds to her touch. He can feel his cock swelling as it is pleasantly trapped beneath her weight.

“Evidently not here,” she says smiling. “But I think I can make do.”

He starts to try and get up, but as soon as his hips move he becomes even more aware that she is pressed against his cock, hot, wet, and ready. He stills himself, takes a deep breath and tries to center himself. She doesn’t give him the chance. Her hands grasp the collar of his uniform and she tears it halfway open.

As she tries to push him back down on the bed she flicks one of her nails across his nipple. He isn’t prepared at all for the sensation that sends through him, his hips jerk driving his trapped cock against her wet heat.

Something snaps in him. Perhaps it’s his human side demanding the attention Spock has always denied it. Perhaps it is the Vulcan in him responding to the mating bond that is almost his, but not quite. It doesn’t matter, he uses his strength to flip them so that he is on top. He grabs her wrists and holds them above her head with one hand, while the other one clumsily reaches for the fly of his pants.

She laughs triumphantly until he thrusts into her and her laughs become strangled gasps. Her body seems to fight him, to thrash wildly under him even as her cries urge him on, begging him to thrust harder into her.

They are at war, some part of him knows, and even though he is the one physically dominant over her, she is the one winning; she is the one in control.

And then the last thought vanishes from his mind. He is nothing but the sensation of her surrounding him, squeezing him, consuming him. She convulses under him own cries becoming for frantic and it is more than he can bear. The world roars in his ears as he explodes inside of her.

He collapses on top of her, unprepared for the exhaustion that overcomes him after such a short period of exertion. He quickly rolls off of her, not wanting to touch her as he tries to put his thoughts together, tries to regain some sense of logic.

She doesn’t object. In fact she stands up, reaches under the bed to produce her uniform and begins to dress.

“So, about the brig?” she asks as if they had been doing nothing but engaging in a rational discussion.

“I can not let you have access to the ship,” he tells her. What he doesn’t say is that it somehow feels wrong to imprison her moments after having sex with her.

Even though he doesn’t say it, she seems to guess as much. “You’re sweet,” she says. “I mean that. Really. Which is why I really want to get back to my Spock. Which is also why your going to keep me close so that I can help you figure out how to get us back.”

She moves away from the bed, and despite the fact his body protests he forces himself to get up, to make sure she can do no more harm. But she is only retrieving a fresh uniform for him.

He accepts the uniform from her. Just as he accepts that she is right. He will not put her in the brig, which would be the logical thing to do. He simply wonders how he will deal with the real Uhura once he gets her back.
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