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Title: Someday, and the Rest of Your Life
Paring: Spock/Uhura
Summary: When the Enterprise receives a distress call from a Vulcan rescue vessel, Spock finds himself confronted by his past, and he must choose whether to uphold Vulcan traditions or find his own way.
A/N: Thanks to [info]ida_pea for betaing this chapter for me.
Rating: NC-17

Previous chapters can be found here.

As they settled back into the makeshift courtroom the eyes of the Vulcan Council members studied them. Kirk felt a little like a specimen under glass. Only Sarek looked away, his eyes focusing on some unknown point, and not on his son. That didn’t seem to bode well to Kirk.

Instead of taking his seat, Spock moved to the middle of the room, to face T’Pau who sat at the head of the Council.

“Spock,” the elder vulcan spoke. “Many accusations have been brought against you, questioning your conduct. On the first point that you turned down a place in the Vulcan Science Academy, the Council agrees that the mere honor of a position is not reason enough to accept it.

“On the matter of your behavior on the bridge of the Enterprise, we find it notable that you did not display emotion until you were severely provoked by James Kirk, whose goal was to emotionally destabilize you. Although your failure to retain logic in the face of a crisis is not admirable, it is understandable.

“On the matter of your affair with Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, we find that your choices have not been entirely logical. There is no excuse for risking your career as you did. However, we do find that your choice of lover is acceptable. Although we find it distressing that she was not honest with this court, she clearly posses a keen mind, for a human.

“In short, Commander Spock, although you have made many questionable decisions, you are young, and the young are often hotheaded and rash. We believe you will grow out of this, indeed, as you are aware, we know that you can grow to be a valuable member of Vulcan society. Had there not a clear conflict of interests, your other self would have sat on this Council.”

“You are Vulcan,” T’Pau declared. “And as such you have a legal obligation to complete your marriage t-.”

“T’Pau.” To everyone’s surprise, it was Sarek who interrupted his colleague. “There is another matter to consider.”

T’Pau raised an eyebrow, clearly astonished to have been interrupted, and not by one of the humans.

“Sarek, it was you who insisted this marriage go forward.” T’Pau argued.

“Yes,” Sarek admitted. “But I did not posses all the facts, and there were . . . things I had not considered. I cannot argue with the logic behind the match between my son and T’Pring, indeed I was the one who arranged it. But there is a more logical choice.”

He paused, as if he was unsure if he could really continue. “Unlike T’Pring’s, my son’s Vulcan DNA is not unique. It is a partial copy of my own. Furthermore, my wife, Amanda was among those who died on Vulcan. I have only a year and a half until the pon farr and-”

Sarek was unable to complete his statement. Most of the Vulcans in the room gasped. The youngest member turned a shade of green that Kirk interpreted as a Vulcan blush. And Spock, who had been watching his father since Sarek had begun to speak now turned away, as if he could not bear to look at him.

For once it was T’Pau who interrupted. “We will not tolerate the utterance of such vulgarities in this courtroom.”

It was all Kirk could do not to ask what was going on. He looked at Uhura thinking knowledge of Vulcan would give her better insight, but she was clearly as confused as he was.

“It may be vulgar,” Sarek continued. “But it is also inevitable. And with so much to do, so many responsibilities as we help our people rebuild and colonize a new planet, I might forget to make other arrangements. It would be easy to loose track of the time and let the madness take me.”

T’Pau glared at Sarek, before turning to face each of the other members of the Council one at a time. Each one nodded in silent agreement. “Very well, Sarek. We grant your request, although in future such theatrics will not be tolerated.”

Kirk couldn’t help but wonder what T’Pau would think of a human trial if she considered Sarek’s even and measure tone ‘theatrics’. Although on the plus side, Kirk had learned his first swear word in Vulcan. pon farr, pon farr, pon farr he repeated to himself so he wouldn’t forget.

“The marriage between Spock and T’Pring, is hearby annulled,” T’Pau announced. “And arrangements shall be made for the marriage of Sarek and T’Pring.”

All the members of the Council but Sarek stood up and filed out of the room.

With the formalities seemingly over, Kirk approached Spock and clapped him on the back. “I’m not sure if congratulations is the right word for an annulment but. . . congratulations.”

“Thank you, Captain,” was all Spock said. His mood seemed surprisingly somber, but then considering his ex-fiancée was now going to marry his dad, Kirk could understand. He’d never really felt right about his own mother remarrying and that had been years after his father’s death, not days.

Feeling the need to lighten the mood Kirk asked jokingly, “So pon farr, noun or verb?”

“Captain please,” Spock’s tone was harsh. “My father has just humiliated himself for my sake. Do not make it worse.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. . .” Kirk’s apology was cut off by a feeling. A prickling in the back of his neck, and he had the sudden unexplainable urge to punch Spock.

Silently Sarek had risen, and now he addressed his son. “Why didn’t you tell me? Did you not think I would understand?”

Without another word he swept past them and departed, giving Spock no time to answer. As Sarek left the room it seemed to become brighter and the air lighter. The irrational anger Kirk had felt was gone almost as if it had never been.

“What the hell was that?” McCoy muttered.

“That, Doctor,” Spock answered. “Is the reason that a Vulcan with a mind as powerful as my father’s must keep his emotions under control.”

“That,” McCoy countered. “Is a case of Bendii Syndrome waiting to happen.”

“An extreme diagnosis,” T’Pring, interjected herself into the conversation. “He is far too young for Bendii Syndrome.”

“Are you the doctor here, or am I?” McCoy responded. “Doesn’t look like your new husband felt the need to stick around and help you out of here.”

“It is of no matter,” T’Pring said calmly. “I suspect he will keep to his grief, and leave me to mine. An adequate compromise.”

“That’s it? That’s all you have to say for yourself?” McCoy demanded.

“She is not required to explain herself,” Spock interjected. As if to end any further debate Spock raised his hand in the traditional Vulcan goodbye. “T’Pring, live long and prosper.”

She nodded, and raised her hand. “Spock, live long and prosper.”
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