May. 26th, 2009

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Until this last week, I haven't had a lot words, and my recent silence on LJ hasn’t been one of my normal ones. You see, a month ago Andre, my 11 week old nephew died in his sleep. As you can imagine it’s been a really rough time for may family, although we’re doing pretty good now.

But ever since it happened I really felt like I needed to sit down and write. . . something, anything. I just wasn’t able to. For weeks my brain has been stuck in loops that keep circling back to him and Miranda his mother. (He was technically my great nephew. Miranda my nice is only eight years younger than me, and is kind of like my kid sister).

But like I said I haven’t really been able to write anything. I knew right away that it was going to be a while till I’d be able to work on The Guardian again. Right now a story which has the loss of it’s child at the center of the plot is too ghoulish for me to work on, as much as I love the story and want to finish it.

But I also found that I couldn’t work on any of my other stories, or even start something new. That was until a week ago when my mom and I went to se Star Trek. So yes, I loved the movie, and from the moment I walked out of the theatre my head was spinning with fanish glee. I’ve been completely overtaken with Spock/Uhura love and I’ve got two stories I’m working on, and I hope to post the first chapter of one of them in a little bit.

I’m not sure where I stand with my Buffyverse stories right now. I just can’t seem to connect to them right now. I really do want to return to them. Right now I need to go where my muse leads me, and write what comes easy.
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Title: Someday, and the Rest of Your Life
Author: icemink
Spoilers: This story begins at the very end of Star Trek XI so spoilers for the entire movie.
Paring: Spock/Uhura
Summary: When the Enterprise recives a distress call from a Vulcan resuce vessel, Spock finds himself confronted by his past, and he must choose whether to uphold Vulcan traditions or find his own way.
A/N: As I don’t have yet have a beta for my new Star Trek obsession this work is un-betad.
Rating: PG for most of it, but my stories have a tendency to end up NC-17

Chapter 1: )


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