May. 19th, 2009

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Okay, so I saw the new Star Trek on Sunday, and yes I loved it, and am especially in love with Spock/Uhura. So, since I can’t just watch the movie over and over again yet at home, I went searching and found the original series is on I’m currently watching “The Enemy Within” and I can’t helped but be amazed at the episode. It’s the one where there’s a transporter accident and a good and an evil Kirk are created. Among his many attacks on various crew members evil!Kirk he tries to rape the pretty blond yeoman. And the best part, after she gets away, she admits the attack to Bones, Spock, and good!Kirk (although at this point she doesn’t know there is more than one Kirk). As she’s telling them what happened, she keeps excusing Kirk on the basis that he’s the Captain, and even says she doesn’t want to get him in trouble. . . for attempted rape.

So yeah, Star Trek TOS wins big points for showing a black woman as a ranking officer, but still definitely looses some woman’s rights points. Still, I'm enjoying re-watching the old series.
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So yeah, I just did the dreamwidth thing, cause all the cool kids are doing it. So I'm also icemink at dreamwidth if you want to add me there. However, the thing that makes me thing I'll actually use it, is that I can post here and LJ at the same time, so if you're seeing this on LJ we're still friended.


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