Mar. 2nd, 2009

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So I have all sorts of possible big life changes on the horizon. Still waiting to hear back from graduate school to see if I got in. And if I didn't I'll probably still go back to take more undergraduate classes, so I'll have a better chance of getting in next year. I'm probably going to move to a different place this summer, so I can get cheaper rent.

However the thing that really might change my life forever starts today. See last week I went to the doctor because my wrists have been hurting me. He diagnosed me with carpel tunnel (not a surprise) gave me some advice, told me what I should do next etc. etc. The thing is he called me up the next morning. He was looking over the medical history form I had filled out and noticed I have a condition called alopesia areota. Long story short, I loose my hair. It's actually just started to grow back, but basically I'm bald. The interesting thing is that it's started to grow back absolutely white, which considering my hair was almost black before, will be an interesting change. Anyway, he told me there have been some recent studies showing that alopesia may in fact be a symptom of another condition called celiac. It's an allergy to gluten, which is found in wheat, rye, and barley.

So this morning I'm going in for a blood test, which depending on the results may be followed up by a stomach biopsy. If I do have it, I'll need to go on a gluten free diet, because if I don't I'm at high risk for intestinal cancer. On the bright side my hair will grow back, which is a huge life change in and of itself. Having normal hair like any other girl, would be, well, new. I've been losing my hair in patches since the 4th grade. On the other hand, I'll never get to order pizza again, or eat lots of other foods that I love. In fact, I'll probably have to learn to cook, which would be a rather radical life change in and of itself. Yes I'm one of those people.

So there is much nervousness today, even though I doubt I'll know anything for a while. Which is why I'm also about to post an unbetad chapter to take my mind off stuff.
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This is currently very unbetad. You have been warned.

Title: The Guardian
Pairing: Spike/Angel and flashbacks to Angel/Darla
Rating: NC-17 (please read the warnings)
Summary: All human AU. It was eight years ago that Liam promised to protect Darla and be her angel. It's a promise he's done his best to keep, even if these days she can barely stand to be around him. Then one night he finds a young prostitute, William, getting beat up in an alley. But will helping William destroy the delicate balance of Angel's life, or will it be William who saves Angel from his own dark past?
Disclaimer: The characters belong to all sorts of other people like Joss, ME, and Fox. I just do strange things to them for free.

Previous chapters are here.

Chapter 19 )


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